No more do you have to manually control your home or office lighting with several switches. Today’s modern home and workplace relies on intelligent lighting, which allows you to manage all of the lights in your home or office from a single interface. Whether you wish to turn all of the lights off at once or create something different with colored lighting, the only limit is your imagination.Wacktech Electrical offers automated lighting sales, installation and service for both domestic and commercial applications. We can create a lighting solution to match your requirements.But automated lighting is much more than convenient; it can also be used to increase the safety of a home or office. Occupancy simulation will add security when you are out of the office or home. We can also install sensors to trigger illumination when any movement occurs.

Individual Settings

Automated lighting allows you to store individual lighting settings for each room, each controlled by the touch of a button. No matter who uses the room, you can ensure that illumination occurs only when the room is in use, which can reduce your energy consumption.In the home, a path of light can be created to light the way during the night. For example, you can set your automated lighting system to illuminate the way from a guest bedroom to the bathroom so that your guests can easily find their way in unfamiliar surroundings.

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